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So, my firend asked me to do one video game remix with other friend.
So, outcome is here: /345686
Go check it out.

Also, I'm trying to create my project that i told earlier.. Kinda hard job, you know. All the intro's melodies, verses, solos.. GAH! There is some projects that i've been doing, trying to get some of 'em finished..
Also i'm trying to get new sounds on guitars, so it'll take some time too.

Anyway, keep the flag high.

Fading Away is now on Newgrounds!
Go check it out: /339037

Also, i'm starting to make new music project.. Dunno how long it will take.. Weeks or months.. No need to rush on that anyway, even i'm trying to make it asap.

Keep the flag high.
I'll tell more information about new music project when it's right time to do it.